Tết is lurking just around the corner which means there are things to check out left and right.  If you're looking for something to do....

This Saturday and Sunday the 29-30th, Tết in Seattle will be holding their annual event at the Seattle Center.  Come join the fun!

And....if you come on Sunday the 30th don't forget to check out the cooking demo from 2:45- 3:15PM.  Yours truly will be there cooking up a storm.  What will I be presenting?  Good question, any suggestions? 

Also happening this Saturday the 29th, Chùa Việt Nam will be making Bánh Chưng (Rice Cakes) and Chả Chay (Veggie Mock Meat Loaf) to sell for their annual fundraiser.  Come join the fun! We're starting at 9am and finish...when we finish.  Lunch will be provided, vegetarian...of course.  If it's just the rice cakes you're after, they're $7.00 each and will be available fresh and hot Sunday morning.  Our address is: 1651 S King St. Seattle, WA 98144

Be there or be square!

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On 11:23 AM , Unknown said...


would love to watch you cook.

how i wish i can be there

On 1:45 AM , hoangtam/tt said...

oh Lily...it's been so long since I've been on stage...I'm getting butterflies