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Re: Where to buy traditional molds for loveletters.
-Try looking online.

Re: Beating the eggs for Banh Bo Nuong
-the main point is to mix everything evenly without adding too much air into the batter.

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On 7:57 PM , Anonymous said...

do you know of a candy that looks like carmlizednsugar embedded with sesame seeds that is made for tet?

On 8:21 PM , Anonymous said...

what is ragi ??????????????????? I found a dessert that ask for it , please help.!!!!!!!! I have been trying one of your dish.But I have fail............THANK YOU A BUNCH.

On 11:28 AM , Anonymous said...

Hi Tam i had been in your blog for the last 2 years love it.
any way I read your post about Elliot is part of your discussion in class,as a Mom we should let him eat the cake after dinner. Because he will not eat his dinner and ruin his appetize.
this is the rule course of the meal. you eat your salad,soup, main course and then dessert when you serve your client right.
I know it is not a big deal to give to him. but if you give to him you spoil him. children should learn at young age about table manner and other rule.
it will help him when he goes to school this is child developement.
it part of learning process.