This is the vegetarian version of papaya and beef jerkey salad. The recipe is pretty much the same, except:

-Use gluten in place of beef
-Use pressed tofu instead of liver (pressed tofu = firm tofu, weighed down by an heavy object for a few hours or overnight to remove as much water as possible)

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On 6:37 PM , Anonymous said...

Great website! Just found it. I was beginning to wonder if their were any blogs about Vietnamese food out there.

On 4:19 AM , Anonymous said...


I found your blog linked on Wikipedia and I have to say it is great! As a Vietnamese person who grew up eating all of these foods (and many more) but not knowing how to explain what they were in English, I am finding your website very helpful.

Keep up the good (and delicious I'm sure) work!

On 9:25 AM , Anonymous said...

please show us how to make che thap cam. Pleassee

On 12:09 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

If you have a recipe request please post it in one of the fourms I visit. I don't take recipe requests here.